May 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 - 13:49

You know, feet can be pretty to look at, painted toenails, feet massaged with expensive lotions, looking beautiful in a wonderful pair of summer shoes. My feet aren’t that pretty. As the middle kid in a big family, I got hand-me-downs that were either too big or too small for me. Now, my big toes are crooked, and for a long time I didn’t want people to see my feet, so I’d never wear sandals or anything revealing those terrible toes.
 Here at Shoes That Fit, we get thank you notes from children helped through our programs, and one of the thank you notes, from a little boy, said “thank you for my new shoes. Now when I run and play, I can move my toes.” I know how that child felt. Can you imagine how it feels to not have the shoes you are wearing right now, and instead have shoes that are painful and too small? Last year  in Los Angeles, Shoes That Fit provided over 31,000 new shoes to children in need. We’d love your help in making sure that more children here get the shoes they need to go to school in comfort and with dignity. Can you help? Call us

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 15:39

Shoes That Fit is kicking off our "One Million Shoes by 2012" campaign which happens to coincide with our 20 year anniversary! Because of the generosity of individuals like you, we are continuing to provide new shoes to children in need across the U.S. With so many worthy causes to support, a few of our donors share with us why they choose to give to Shoes That Fit:
"There are few charities where you can see the impact of your gift so quickly and personally. New shoes and clothing go beyond basic needs to self-worth. That is why we support Shoes That Fit."  -Jeff S.
"Our family donates to your program for the simple reason that we know we cannot help everyon but we try to help everyone we can." -Nels C.
"Children deserve the dignity of going to school with their very own shoes. The impact this program makes on their lives is evident in their heartwarming letters of thanks. I'm proud to participate in a program that makes such a difference in children's lives." -Sonya W.
"My wife and I give to Shoes That Fit because it is a local charity that supports basic quality of life for children. The focus on shoes seems apt, as we both enjoy the ability to purchase high quality shoes for ourselves, and we know that shoes, which may seem mundane and silly, are in fact an important part of quality of life. They provide comfort, protection, and - right or wrong - can shape people's perceptions (perceptions of self, how others perceive you.)" -Weston and Elizabeth
Why do you support Shoes That Fit? Leave us your comments here or contact our office. We would love to hear from you!

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