Pictured: Board, staff, and community partners at a ribbon-cutting celebrating 30 years of kids, shoes, and YOU taken on September 12 in Claremont, CA.


School is back in session, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Thanks to your generosity and support, kids in need around the country have been able to stay in school without the shame or embarrassment of worn-out shoes. If you missed it, make sure you check out the 30th Anniversary celebrations and record campaigns by Nordstrom and Rack Room.

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Why You Give

We love to hear from you, and why you give to kids in need. Here are two of our favorite notes from you these past few months:

“I am so blessed to be a supporter!  Here’s to reaching another million+ children with shoes!”
—Dawn K. (Mesa, AZ)

“I am very happy that I am able to continue to support an organization that has meant a great deal to my family.”
—Elise R. (Orange County, CA) 


Shoes in Clark County

new shoes! County Commissioner Tick Segerblom hands out new shoes Soccer Time!

One of the most rewarding aspects of providing shoes to children across the country is the way so many friends and partners join forces to make it happen. From community agencies and community leaders to corporate donors and individual donors—our accomplishments multiply when we all work together and do our part!

We see this impact time again—including this past year when more than 4,000 children in Nevada received new athletic shoes!

It started with Nevada’s Clark County Commissioner’s Office. The staff there reached out to Shoes That Fit, asking how they could provide shoes to 4,000-plus children in need.

The shoes have been delivered at events at community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, and elementary schools. Many of the events involved physical activity for the kids: basketball, hockey, soccer, and an inflatable obstacle course, complete with a huge slide and bumper balls that kids could climb into and roll around.

Some children even had the opportunity to meet Olympian basketball player Jennifer Azzi and wear her gold medal!

County Commissioners attended events in each of their districts. Commissioner Tick Segerblom shared:

“New shoes can be very expensive for families struggling to make ends meet. It is great to see these organizations come together to give so many local kids the shoes they need and take some financial stress off of hard-working families.” 

In early September, the Clark County Commissioner’s Office also provided shoes to Peggy’s Attic, a donation center for Clark County Department of Family Services, serving children touched by the family courts, including children in foster care. Peggy’s Attic provides clothing, shoes, toys, diapers, toiletries, school supplies, and many other items to families free of charge.

Leaning on partners is why our proven model is so effective and efficient. So we were thrilled when Amazon stepped in to generously provide transportation from Shoes That Fit’s warehouse to Peggy’s Attic. Stephanie Higa, Amazon Community Operations Manager shares:

We are very thankful for our relationship with Shoes That Fit and are glad to support in any way we can. Providing transportation for the shoe donations is just one small way we can help by giving back.” 

And coming up, just before Thanksgiving, the Clark County Commissioner’s office will be partnering with Zappos and Shoes That Fit to host the annual Zappos Gobble for Good event, where a full Thanksgiving dinner will be provided to families who would not otherwise be able to enjoy a holiday feast. This year, 600 children will receive new shoes as part of the holiday event!

We are so thankful for these partnerships! Amazing things happen when individuals, companies, and communities partner together to help children in our most vulnerable communities.

And if your community would like to partner with Shoes That Fit to help vulnerable children, please get in touch at [email protected].

little guy in Clark County gets new shoes wearing Jennifer Azzi's gold medal playing basketball in new shoes


Harper’s Lemonade Stand

Isn’t it amazing to hear what kids will do to help other kids?! Check out this story about a girl determined to help other kids get the new shoes they needed!

Our five-year-old daughter Harper asked me back in December if she could have a Lemonade Stand. She said she had an idea. I said, “Okay, tell me about this idea.” She had it all worked out. How it should look and the colors we had to wear, which turned out to be yellow because it’s a Lemonade Stand, of course. So I told her, “Sure in summer we can do this because people really enjoy lemonade when it’s warm out.” So she agreed. In August we decorated signs and got our table ready.

I pulled up six different charities as she had told me she didn’t want to keep the proceeds— she wanted to give the money to kids who might need it. So out of the six charities, she chose Shoes that Fit. 

My husband and her grandfather used a lot of muscle squeezing those lemons. Harper squeezed as much as she could and then added the sugar and water and she did the stirring. Many of her friends came out to support her and those who couldn’t be there sent donations.  

It was great seeing her get excited about how many kids she was going to help. Obviously, she doesn’t know the amount in the sense that we do, but she knows she is helping kids who might need help. And it was wonderful to see her friends, family, and community rally behind her; we’re excited to also share with them what they accomplished and the impact they made.

She wants to do it again! 

The DeCiccos

Vincent, Sarah, and Harper


Record Number of New Shoes for New School Year


Shoes That Fit grew up in Claremont, CA. For those fortunate enough to know it, Claremont is a lovely college town on the east end of Los Angeles County.

The Claremont community has always been supportive of the mission to bring new shoes to children in need. This year, local groups and nearby businesses came together to once again give shoes to kids as they have since 2005. This year, they broke their record, giving 375 kids the new shoes they needed! 

The local groups and businesses filled backpacks with brand-new athletic shoes plus school supplies. Friends from local companies—including The Treatment (a skin boutique), the police department, a Kiwanis group, and Technip (an engineering and tech company)—joined together to help kids step forward in the confidence, dignity, and joy kids get when they have shoes that fit.

A few local radio stations, KQIE and KOLA/KCAL, mentioned the campaign on air and helped spread the news.

Thank you for helping kids start the new school year off on the right foot… with comfy shoes that help them learn, play, and thrive at school each day!

Thank you to all the groups and businesses who gave!

  • Aromatique Skin & Body Care – Claremont
  • Arteco Partners – Pomona
  • Berkeley Capital Investments – Irvine
  • Cafe Con Libros – Pomona
  • Claremont PD – Claremont
  • HDL Companies – Brea
  • Last Name Brewing – Upland
  • Legends FC – La Verne
  • Lighthouse Church of Christ – West Covina
  • Lizzie’s Gold Mine – Claremont
  • Packing House Wines – Claremont
  • Some Crust Bakery – Claremont
  • Technip – Claremont
  • The Female Makers Market – Claremont

How Shoes Help Children Experiencing a Housing Crisis

We recently heard this from a Student and Family Resources Navigator, about how new shoes helped two of her students:

“I wanted to share with you how grateful the students and families were to receive shoes. Two students in particular were so excited to receive their shoes. The students are currently homeless and live in a trailer with their parents. They are working hard to get back on their feet and they are grateful to have the support of agencies like Shoes that Fit. Now the students have shoes which actually fit them! We see them running, jumping, and playing confidently out on the playground. We thank you for your kindness and for making a difference in students’ lives.”

Thank you for helping children like these!

You made it to the end—thank you for reading! If you enjoyed the newsletter, please consider making a gift. Your generosity to kids in need all over the country helps them stay in school with dignity and joy, ready to learn play and thrive.

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