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Fact Sheet

About Shoes That Fit

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2021 IRS Form 990

The IRS Form 990 helps inform the public about potential conflicts of interest, board oversight, executive compensation, and record keeping. The IRS states that, "by making full and accurate information about its mission, activities, finance, and governance publicly available, a charity encourages transparency and accountability to its constituents." Shoes That Fit is proud of our transparency and trustworthiness.

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2021 Financial Statement

A nonprofit's statement of financial position (similar to a business's balance sheet) reports the organization's assets and liabilities in some order of when the assets will turn to cash and when the liabilities need to be paid. Shoes That Fit strives to transparently and responsibly use the funds entrusted to us.

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Donor Privacy Policy

You value your privacy, and so do we.

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Document Retention Destruction Policy

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Charity Navigator 4-Star Certificate

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