Shoes That Fit tackles one of the most visible signs of poverty in America by giving children in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play, and thrive.


A new pair of shoes can be a life-changing event for a child. School attendance, self-esteem and behavior improve.  Physical activity increases. Smiles return. All from an often over-looked item—a good pair of shoes.

Our vision is that, one day, every child in America who needs new shoes gets new shoes, allowing all children the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Values Statement

Our mission aims to break through the legacy of systemic racism. We believe that investing in the education and well-being of our children has a profound impact on their lives. We are committed to helping to build the confidence and dignity of the children we serve and to working towards a just and equitable world where all children have equal opportunities.

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