Why Shoes?


A not-so-funny thing happens at school when your shoes don’t fit, or they are falling apart, or they used to belong to another member in your family – or worse, to a stranger. Suddenly all you can think of are your feet. 

Who’s staring at my shoes?
They’re so tight, I’ll have to take them off to walk home.
What if my shoe falls apart playing at recess?
What do I do when some bully teases
me and about wearing holey, smelly shoes?

Some kids don’t have any shoes to wear at all. Which means they can’t go to school and learn. Which means they don’t have much hope for a future.

That’s why Shoes That Fit has already given out hundreds of thousands of new pairs of shoes and new items of clothing. We are changing lives in thousands of schools across the country and need your help to make that number grow.

After all, new shoes provide dignity, hope, pride and self-esteem. That’s an awful lot of good things in a rather small box, don’t you think?

If you'd like to make a difference in the life of a child, contact us today!