Our History

Celebrating 30 years of new shoes for kids!

When kids have shoes that fit, they can easily run and jump and skip. They can participate fully in sports and recess. They can enjoy all the typical experiences of childhood. They can learn, play, and thrive at school each day.


That’s why every child deserves shoes that fit.


Thanks to your caring gifts of support, kids across the country have the shoes they need to reach their full potential. Here’s the impact we’re making together.

Our Milestones

The amazing impact of new shoes!

Every day we see how the gift of shoes is about much more than shoes. It’s the confidence children need to step forward with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play, and thrive at school each day.

 A new pair of shoes can be a life-changing event for a child. School attendance, self-esteem, and behavior improve. Physical activity increases. Smiles return. All from an often-overlooked item—a good pair of shoes. Our vision is that, one day, every child in America who needs new shoes gets new shoes, allowing all children the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Statistical Impact

73% of educators reported that more children were in need of shoes during the pandemic.



Self Esteem


Physical Activity


Social Interaction



Shoes (and more!) Distributed to Kids Since 1992


Kids Helped in 2019-2020


School Partners in 2021–22


Volunteer Hours across the United States in 2021–22


States + District of Columbia & Puerto Rico


You made an incredible
impact this past year.

Thanks to you, children in need found joy, dignity, and confidence through Shoes That Fit!

You can help kids attend school with joy, dignity, and confidence. Make a lasting difference today!