Shoes that fit empower

kids to

Without proper shoes that fit, kids aren’t able to enjoy the typical experiences of childhood. New shoes do more than you can imagine! New shoes help kids step into childhood with dignity, joy, and confidence.

Every child deserves a joy-filled childhood. Every child deserves shoes that fit.

Proper shoes empower children to run free at recess… participate in sports… engage with peers shame-free… get a boost of confidence… concentrate in class… and experience less stress. 

Shoes can do so much for kids. It’s a simple solution that changes everything!

One of the most visible signs of a child in poverty is a pair of worn-out, ill-fitting shoes.

No one likes to be left out, mocked, or in pain. Kids who can’t afford proper athletic shoes face that every day at school, leading to lifelong challenges.

By the Numbers

The following percentages of educators report improvement in these areas after kids receive new shoes:





Physical Activity


Social Interaction



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Together, we're empowering more than 100,000 kids each year to learn, play, and thrive!

You can help kids attend school with joy, dignity, and confidence. Make a lasting difference today!