Families React to New Shoes

“My mommy can't buy me new sneakers. She is going to be more happy than me.”

New shoes don’t just help the kids who wear them. They also help their families.

We survey our educational partners each year. They share amazing stories about how new shoes positively impact children facing poverty. And something we’ve seen in so many of these stories is how shoes help not just children, but their whole families Here are a few stories showing how new shoes make an impact on these families:

“We had a family who were hit with hard times and when I offered to get their children shoes and backpacks of supplies to start school with it was a huge relief for them. They didn't have to choose between buying food and getting their children the necessities to go to school. It brought tears to their eyes. The children were smiling from ear to ear and weren't embarrassed to start school. Knowing I can help a family in a small way with Shoes that Fit makes all the difference in the world. It's humbling.”

“My favorite memory of all would have to be a child that started crying a few years ago, because she couldn't believe that she was getting new shoes. Her mom called that afternoon and said that we had no idea what that did for her daughter. She came in the house after school and was so excited to show her mom. Her mom was so grateful. She said it was just what they needed to shed a little light on their hard times.”

“I remember a 3rd-grade girl who, when asked if she wanted to wear her new shoes home, responded, “No thanks, I want to show my mom my new shoes first. She is going to say ‘Que Bonita!' She had the biggest smile on her face.”

“A second-grade girl started to cry of joy and said, ‘My mommy can't buy me new sneakers. She is going to be more happy than me.'”

“Last fall, a family with 3 teenagers registered at my school. They lived with Mom and Dad in a single motel room. Only Dad was bringing home a paycheck and that was just enough to pay the rent and food bills. Fortunately, due to Shoes That Fit, I had shoes for them. You should have seen their faces! I think Mom cried. Dad was overwhelmed and the kids couldn't believe their good luck.”

“I get teary-eyed just watching the students' excitement, and how some will ask to re-package the shoes so they may open the box with their family.”

“A mother was so thankful to get shoes for both of her kids after they had grown out of their shoes. She had just lost her job and felt very stressed about finding them new shoes.”

The positive impact on these families is possible because of the generous support of people, teams, charitable foundations, and companies all across the country. If you’d like to help make a positive impact for families facing the challenges of poverty, please give today!

You can help kids attend school with joy, dignity, and confidence. Make a lasting difference today!