Request Shoes

At Shoes That Fit, we know that new shoes mean the world to kids in need.

We partner with educators and staff liaisons at schools in the United States to serve kids in need. Private individuals, foundations, and businesses generously provide the funds to make this possible.

Fill out the form below to add a school to our waiting list. There are currently more than 100 schools on this waiting list; filling out this form is not a guarantee that a school will receive shoes (want to get shoes to a school more quickly? Start a fundraiser! Or contact us for individual donations of more than $1,000).

Please note: Shoes That Fit does not provide shoes directly to individuals or families. Individuals or families should contact the school nurse or health clerk where their children are enrolled and let them know assistance is needed. If Shoes That Fit isn't available at your school, the nurse or health clerk may have other services and resources available. They can also contact us for more information.