Teachers share their stories.

“Their enthusiasm for a well-fitting pair of gorgeous brand-new shoes is incredible. This means so much to them.”

We hear the best stories about the impact of new shoes from the schools we work with. Every year, we ask the school staff we’ve partnered with to share their feedback and their stories. They share the reactions of the kids, what they’ve observed about their students, and how families are grateful for the support of their community. We hear from them how much new shoes mean to children facing poverty. Here are a few stories we love:

“I see the same story over and over again and that is the opportunity to help one of our students who is wearing shoes that don't fit them, have holes in them, aren't appropriate for our weather, or are falling apart and provide them not only with shoes that will fit and be comfortable, but they are shoes they think are beautiful and are well made so we know they are going to last them for a while. They are not cheap shoes that will fall apart after a month of wear. Seeing how excited our students get for their new pair of shoes is heartwarming and makes us feel like we are doing a good job of looking out for our students.”

The kids are absolutely ecstatic when their shoes arrive: giggly, curious, and proud to wear their new shoes! I love having this program at my school because we provide new shoes to each of our new kindergarteners through the program. It allows me to meet each kindergartener at the beginning of the year and to spend just a few minutes of individual time with them, introducing myself and learning about each individual student. This helps me to build relationships with the students and their parents that last throughout the year.”

“It truly warms your heart when you can give a child who is wearing sandals or shoes with major holes in them during the winter time a brand new pair of shoes. The smile that lights up their face is priceless! You can tell that they feel better about themselves.

“This program is amazing because it gives an opportunity for students not to have to worry about not having a pair of shoes because their parents can't afford to buy them one. I have had the opportunity to measure students and to see how embarrassed they are because of their shoes; it's sad. I have also been able to see how excited the students are when they receive their shoes. They go back to their classrooms with a big smile. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for providing this opportunity for the students in our district. We appreciate all of your help. THANK YOU!”

“I love how children bombard me on the playground with joyful exclamations: ‘Look at my new shoes!  Thank you for my new shoes!  I love my new shoes!' Their enthusiasm for a well-fitting pair of gorgeous brand-new shoes is incredible. This means so much to them. If you could see what these kids were using for shoes prior to their Shoes that Fit gift, you would be so taken aback. They've clearly been handed down time and time again until they hardly function. Owning a pair of NEW shoes is a completely new experience for them and it means so much!”

These new shoes, these stories of joy are possible because of the generous support of people, teams, charitable foundations, and companies all across the country. If you’d like to help make a child’s day through the gift of shoes, please donate today!

You can help kids attend school with joy, dignity, and confidence. Make a lasting difference today!