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Los Angeles, CA – Nov 29, 2022

The Los Angeles Rams love to help kids get active. They know how important it is for healthy development, physically, mentally, and emotionally. So they were thrilled to partner with Shoes That Fit to make sure 400 kids in Inglewood got the shoes they need to run, jump, skip, and play with their friends.

Rams players Keir Thomas, TJ Carter, Derion Kendrick, and Quentin Lake, as well as Rampage, the Rams mascot, visited Highland Elementary, just a few miles from where they play at SoFi Stadium. They brought new brand-name sneakers individually fitted for 400 kids! And the Rams brought all their football training gear. Once the kids got their new shoes, they got to test them out! They enjoyed drills, obstacle courses, ladder runs, and more. And some kids asked the players to sign their new kicks. One young man, who plays on a Rams youth team, shared: “My favorite thing about my new shoes is the fact that they’re running shoes and that I play football, so they're perfect!”

Highland Elementary Principal Trevino Jones expressed thanks for his students:

“Today we have Shoes That Fit and the LA Rams here on our campus with new shoes for our 400 plus students. It’s an opportunity that most of us take for granted, however, it’s very needed and our kids are very excited about it.”

And good athletic shoes are something we often take for granted (especially as adults). But for children going through growth spurts and playing sports, good athletic shoes are so important and can be hard to afford.

Quentin Lake, defensive back and Southern California native, shared:

“It’s important to show that we care and give back to the community. So we are here giving back shoes, which is awesome. Seeing all these young kids, being an influence on them, whether they want to play football or not. Letting them know they can make it to whatever level they want to.”

And cornerback TJ Carter shared: 

“Thank you for having us here today to be a blessing to these kids and give back”

We’re thankful to partner with the Rams to equip children with the shoes they need to be active. When children grow up with the challenges of poverty, new shoes often aren’t a priority in the family budget. But shoes that are too small, have lost all their arch support, or are too big ,they can hold children back from playing to their full potential. 

Thank you, Rams, for providing high-quality athletic shoes, fitted to each student, and then showing them that exercise can be so fun! We’re excited to see how new shoes help these children to be more active!

Would you like to help children get the shoes they need to be active? Consider organizing your community and social circles to make a difference for kids through Shoes That Fit!