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Employees from two Riverside, California Banner Bank branches were greeted with smiles and excitement by 100 students at Thomas Jefferson Elementary in Riverside, CA last week.

The Banner Bank team passed out brand new athletic shoes, a pair of neon shoelaces, and a reminder to look down at their shoes and imagine all the amazing places they might take them—to college, to a new job, or on a journey to another country—whatever their dreams, the students were told, their shoes could take them there!

“At Banner Bank, we are enthusiastic volunteers and financial supporters to people, neighborhoods and organizations in every market we serve. In the Los Angeles area we are proud to support Shoes That Fit. By investing in local children in need by helping them to focus on learning instead of their sometimes dire circumstances, we hope to bring smiles and hope that will positively impact their lives now and in the future. We strive to be a part of what’s important to our clients and communities,” said Yves Mombeleur, Vice-President & Community Outreach Office.

We think we can speak for the students who attended this event when we thank Banner Bank for their support and the many smiling faces they created!