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Snooze, an AM Eatery believes that serving breakfast should also serve a higher purpose. That's why they work so hard to make breakfast that makes a difference in the communities they serve. This past fall Snooze partnered with Shoes That Fit to donate over 1,400 shoes to students in their local communities. Their donation was dispersed in schools throughout Texas, California, North Carolina, Arizona and Colorado. Snooze employees adopted schools in these areas by bringing brand new athletic shoes to students and supplying school staff with their delicious pancakes! That's right, not only did they bring shoes to students, they also brought an entire breakfast spread for school staff to enjoy! Snooze knows a good day at school starts with eating a great breakfast.

Snooze also knows that brand new athletic shoes are a great gift for kids! The new shoes help kids to come to school, excited to study and play. And for children who have always had hand-me-downs or second-hand shoes, a brand new pair of high quality shoes is a boost to their confidence.  Receiving the shoes right before the holiday season made the donation even more special for the kids and their families. A liaison from one of the schools said, “The staff loved the breakfast very much! Thank you so much for choosing our school, for this donation. I am humbly grateful. The best part of my job is seeing children smile, and you all made that happen this morning.”

Thank you, Snooze, for helping kids start their school day off right, in shoes that fit!