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On March 29, Stronghold Engineering delivered shoes to their soon-to-be neighbors, 200 kids at Val Verde Elementary in Perris, CA. The Stronghold headquarters are moving from Riverside to Perris, and will be just down the street from the elementary school.

Stronghold knows a thing or two about building – building strong structures and a strong work community (it was voted best workplace 4 years in a row by the Inland News Group). They brought this strength to give back and help build healthy futures for kids by equipping them with new athletic shoes.

The kids excitedly waited in line, received their shoes from the Stronghold staff, and tried them on. When all the kids had their new shoes, they posed for a group picture with flexed arms to thank Stronghold for their new sneakers.

One kid mentioned how “comfy and warm” his new shoes were. And several kids showed off their dance moves in their new kicks.

Val Verde will soon be a magnet school for coding and engineering, so it was a perfect fit for Stronghold, their new neighbor!