“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

We are always looking for people who want to take a page from our founder, Elodie, and rally their friends and family to make a difference.

Looking for a place to volunteer? Looking for ways to make a difference? You’ve found the right place.

See how these individuals made an impact

Chris Pahl

Chris Pahl doubles his impact by heading up Shoes That Fit efforts at Church for the Nations in Glendale, CA and his workplace, Southern California Edison. “Shoes That Fit provides that unique opportunity to make a direct impact not only in that student’s life but their family and the community,” says Chris. “Many people give money but the thoughtfulness many individuals put into the shoe selection, socks, and other items, provides a connection between the donor and the student. Plus, the student has a gift they need and in many cases cherish.”


Joanne Glauser

Joanne Glauser is one of our most most committed and longest-serving volunteers. Since reading about Shoes That Fit in Family Circle magazine back in 1998, she’s helped tens of thousands of children across Delaware by organizing her coworkers and friends. Since then, Shoes That Fit has been a family affair and her children have literally grown up with Shoes That Fit. “It’s a simple process with a powerful impact,” Joanne says of her Shoes That Fit work. “I can’t think of a greater gift than making a child’s life better with such a simple donation.”


Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich may be the Coach and General Manager of the San Antonio Spurs but around Shoes That Fit, he’s most known for being a champion for kids when he’s off the court. During his twenty-year tenure as head coach of the Spurs, he started a local youth basketball league in San Antonio designed to empower young people and keep them off the streets. It’s a model that’s now been emulated by other coaches and teams in the US.

Shoes That Fit was a recipient of Popovich’s commitment to helping disadvantaged kids when he led a shoe delivery in San Antonio in the fall of 2016. Along with Spurs star Patty Mills, front office staff and the Spurs’ mascot, ‘The Coyote’, Popovich and Shoes That Fit delivered shoes to 200 excited kids at Hirsch Elementary in San Antonio. Popovich told My Sun Antonio reporter Melissa Rohlin, “Watching them put on their new shoes [was] just fun to watch them all laugh and have a good time.”

 It was hard walking home with my old shoes that were falling a part. I am grateful. 
- Roy , 10
 Thank you so much because I didn't have any shoes. 
- Giselle , 8
 Dear Sneaker Fairy, I thank you so much for geting me shoes. Without them, I will be stuck with my old shoes and geting picked on about them. So I thank you fairy, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 
- Kamasia , 11
 I was so excited to try my new sneakers on that I forgot to put my socks on! 
- Tim , 10
 I will go running in my new shoes. I like them a lot. 
- Edgar , 11
 The shoes look great on my feet and feel even greater. 
- David , 6
 The look the students give you when they put on their new shoes is priceless. It gives them a sense of relief that has a lasting impact on them and their family on a daily basis. 
- A Teacher
 Thank you for bringing me shoes and sharing your heart. 
- Laura , 13