Individuals can make a big impact

Being a hero to kids in need really is as simple as a pair of shoes.

“I have seen the impact a new pair of shoes makes on a child and that kind of happy is something I want to be involved with!” – Susan Jordan, Monthly Donor


You can impact your own community with as little as 10 pairs of shoes!

“This is direct. If we get shoes, they go on kids’ feet,” says Levine. “We like that sort of direct giving.” – Sharon and Stuart Levine, Lead Volunteer (AZ)


Leave a Legacy

Create your own legacy by including Shoes That Fit in your estate plans.

“Making the decision to include Shoes That Fit in my will was an easy one. If my contribution can make even the smallest impact on children who need it, I’ll be proud to leave that as my legacy.” – Sharon Fordyce, Former Board Chair and Member of “Elodie’s Legacy”

Make a Lasting Gift

Donate Your Time

Donating one hour of your time makes a HUGE impact!

“I used to be a teacher and I saw students who needed new shoes and what a difference it made when they got them. When I retired, I decided to volunteer to make sure  shoes got to the kids quickly.” – Elene Kallimanis, Weekly Office Volunteer

Volunteer With Us

 It was hard walking home with my old shoes that were falling a part. I am grateful. 
- Roy , 10
 Thank you so much because I didn't have any shoes. 
- Giselle , 8
 Dear Sneaker Fairy, I thank you so much for geting me shoes. Without them, I will be stuck with my old shoes and geting picked on about them. So I thank you fairy, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 
- Kamasia , 11
 I was so excited to try my new sneakers on that I forgot to put my socks on! 
- Tim , 10
 I will go running in my new shoes. I like them a lot. 
- Edgar , 11
 The shoes look great on my feet and feel even greater. 
- David , 6
 The look the students give you when they put on their new shoes is priceless. It gives them a sense of relief that has a lasting impact on them and their family on a daily basis. 
- A Teacher
 Thank you for bringing me shoes and sharing your heart. 
- Laura , 13