Childhood is supposed to be a magical, carefree time. But kids can suffer excruciating stigma, bullying, and ridicule…all for lack of decent shoes.

YOU can make a difference for a child in need.

We don’t give just any old shoes to kids. (In fact, we never give out previously-owned shoes.) All of our kids receive brand new shoes measured exactly for their feet.

When our kids get their new athletic shoes, 70% percent of our schools report an increase in physical activity and 40% of our schools report higher attendance.




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Just ask the kids

Hear kids from Greenhalge Elementary in Lowell, MA describe how their new shoes make them feel!

Just ask the schools

“It was like those shoes broke a wall of ice. With those beautiful shoes chosen just for her, she just opened up, she’s more talkative and better able to follow instructions. The simple gift of shoes to this girl and her siblings not only changed her behavior, but it created a sense of trust between the school and her family.”

Shortly after receiving his shoes, we heard from that school’s nurse. “He came to me with two dollars asking if he could donate the money so another family could receive shoes like his family did.”

So when people ask us, “Why shoes?,” the answer is easy…Just ask those who were directly touched. Like Pomona Junior High.

Our story

In 1992, in Claremont, California, Elodie (Silva) McGuirk heard the story of a child’s need for new shoes. Elodie engaged her coworkers at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA to help deliver shoes to kids in need at that school in Pomona, thus launching Shoes That Fit. Today, we are the largest national organization of our kind.

Shoes That Fit helps more than 100,000 children annually across the United States. In fact, over 2.6 million pairs of new shoes and other necessities have been distributed to date. 


 I love the smile that it puts on my student's faces. It gives my kids an equal opportunity to be able to have good shoes in gym and increases their confidence. 
- A Teacher
 Dear Sneaker Fairy, I thank you so much for geting me shoes. Without them, I will be stuck with my old shoes and geting picked on about them. So I thank you fairy, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 
- Kamasia , 11
 Thank you so much because I didn't have any shoes. 
- Giselle , 8
 It was hard walking home with my old shoes that were falling a part. I am grateful. 
- Roy , 10
 I will go running in my new shoes. I like them a lot. 
- Edgar , 11
 I was so excited to try my new sneakers on that I forgot to put my socks on! 
- Tim , 10
 The shoes look great on my feet and feel even greater. 
- David , 6
 The look the students give you when they put on their new shoes is priceless. It gives them a sense of relief that has a lasting impact on them and their family on a daily basis. 
- A Teacher
 Thank you for bringing me shoes and sharing your heart. 
- Laura , 13
 My favorite thing about shoe deliveries - The tears of joy. The pride in their smiles. The pictures and thank you notes. One 5 year old student saying that he will finally be able to run faster! 
- - A Teacher