Help kids learn, play, and thrive in shoes that fit.

Join Mercedes-Benz USA in bringing shoes and smiles to children facing need across the country. Mercedes-Benz USA is committed to supporting educational programs that empower the next generation through the Driving Your Future mission, an initiative aiming to advance social change through volunteerism and awareness. As part of this mission, Mercedes-Benz USA is partnering with the nonprofit Shoes That Fit to bring brand-new athletic shoes to children in low-income families.

When families are struggling, new shoes are often not a priority, leaving children in shoes that are too small, worn out, or not suited to play. It can lead to pain, shame, and embarrassment. But with new shoes, children are equipped to learn, play, and thrive at school in comfort and confidence.

This holiday season, Mercedes-Benz USA and employee volunteers will donate and hand out a new pair of shoes to all students at select partner schools in Atlanta, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida.

You can join in the mission by donating to fund a new pair of shoes here. In addition to donating new shoes in our communities, Mercedes-Benz USA will match donations made through this website.*


“We are committed to empowering the next generation and we care deeply about supporting children in our communities and beyond. We are grateful to partner with Shoes That Fit, to provide the gift of new shoes and a lasting impact so children can show up with the confidence they need to excel, in and out of the classroom.” -Dimitris Psillakis, CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA

“Every time I put a new pair of tennis shoes on one of our students, he/she is so thrilled!  It makes me happy to see our students so excited when they get their shoes. I know this may seem trivial to some, but to the kids at my school, this is a big deal.  Many times students come to me with shoes that are falling apart, holes in the shoes, and the sole worn, and getting a nice new pair of shoes (to them) is how we, as adults, might feel about getting a shiny, new car. I am so thankful for the Shoes That Fit program.  It truly makes a difference with our students.”  – Educator

“Shoes are intrinsically important to kids. Too many families are forced to choose rent and food over shoes, leaving children wearing shoes that hurt, embarrass them, cause them to miss out on physical activities, and sometimes miss school altogether. New shoes make a basic and lasting impact. We are so grateful to Mercedes for meeting a basic need and making a lasting impact on the lives of kids.” – Amy Fass, CEO and Executive Director, Shoes That Fit

Together, let's help children get the shoes they need!

*Mercedes-Benz USA will match donations made on this page, up to $10,000.