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The Quick Scoop:

Who: Jordan, 5 years old

What: Gave his birthday to help 30 kids get new shoes

Where: Philadelphia, PA

The Deeper Delve:

Jordan’s mom, Sarah, shares a bit more about finding Shoes That Fit and how it all worked:

Both my boys (8 and 5) have everything they could ever need and more. Jordan’s birthday was coming up, but, honestly, I don’t want more toys in our house. 

So, I thought of finding a cause that resonated with Jordan and asking people to contribute to that. Jordan and his older brother love shoes and basketball shoes. I googled “charity to get kids new shoes” … Shoes That Fit popped up. And everything was so easy. The team helped us create a link to put in on the birthday party invitation. We wrote a message about how this cause really spoke to Jordan. 

We were glad to be matched to school in our community, helping kids in West Kensington. We really got to see, touch, and feel the impact. 

Shoes are so much more than shoes. They give confidence. They help kids be in school, participate in sports. 

Thanks, Jordan, for giving your birthday, and helping kids be comfortable and confident at school!

Would you like to give a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration to make an impact? Get in touch at [email protected]. You’ll be helping kids learn, play, and thrive!

Jordan gives his 5th birthday to help kids