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She was surprised she was getting a new pair of shoes. She assumed she would be getting gently used shoes. She stared with disbelief and her spirits were uplifted immediately.

Youth Service Center Coordinator, Lexington, KY

"For me? God bless you and the people that give you the sneakers"

Mariana, 5th grade

When one of our students received her new shoes, she gave me a big hug and started dancing and singing around the room. It was a wonderful moment to be part of!

School counselor, Waynesboro, VA

Our coach has noticed the biggest impact and said that several students are now participating, laughing, and playing with their peers during PE.

School counselor, Austin, TX

A student said, "So these are mine and I don't have to give them back EVER?" I said, "Yeah, they are yours! Now let's put them back in the box so you can take them home and show your family." He asked, "Can I wear them now?" The Principal said, "YES!!" With the biggest smile on his face, he said, "I am going to be the fastest on the playground now!"

Family Engagement Coordinator, Redlands, CA

“Everything is expensive right now so sadly shoes are the last on the priority list for parents. We continue to see shoes being too tight or the toe coming out of their old shoes or wearing not well-made shoes. Thankfully with this program, we can give them quality shoes.”

School counselor, Waycross, GA

“I noticed a second grade boy was limping. I asked him why and he said that his shoes were too tight and they hurt. He was in shoes that were two sizes too small. When he put his new shoes on he jumped and ran down the hallway and back and had the biggest smile on his face. He gave me a hug and said that he was happy that his feet didn't hurt anymore!”

Sr. School Staff, Virginia Beach, VA

“Ms. G., now I can run faster because I not only have new shoes, but I have the fastest shoes ever.”

– Kindergarten student, San Diego, CA

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