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Clark County Commissioner’s Office has made an investment in their kids this past year. 

To date, they have given over 6,000 pairs to children in need across the county. And on Tuesday, January 31st, 650 children at Helen Jydstrup Elementary School were given new shoes and socks distributed by Commissioner Michael Naft.

“Having proper fitting, clean, and comfortable shoes lays the foundation for success in and out of the classroom. I am proud to be partnering with Shoes That Fit and The Tropicana Coalition to provide a pair of shoes and socks to every student at Jydstrup Elementary School.” —Commissioner Michael Naft

“Shoes are intrinsically important to kids. Too many low-income families are forced to choose rent and food over shoes, leaving children wearing shoes that hurt, embarrass them, cause them to miss out on physical activities, and sometimes miss school altogether. New shoes make a basic and lasting impact! We are so grateful to CLARK COUNTY and Commissioner Naft for meeting a basic need and making a lasting impact on the lives of these kids.” —CEO and Executive Director, Shoes That Fit, Amy Fass

We are so thankful for our partners like Clark County Commissioner’s Office for bringing shoes and smiles to children facing the challenges of poverty. Your help makes a real difference in these children’s day to day lives!

Inspired by how Clark County is supporting kids in its most vulnerable communities? Get involved and help your community!