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GEICO, the insurance company with the famous gecko, is partnering with Shoes That Fit to give shoes to 8,000 children in vulnerable communities—across 16 states and Washington, DC! This corporate partnership began in 2021, and brought brand-new athletic shoes to 5,873 children. This year, GEICO will grow the number of shoes delivered to children in need to 8,000, and soon kids from Florida, Maryland, Hawaii, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Virginia, Arizona, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, and Washington will step forward in confidence, ready to learn at school each day. 

“It’s great to partner with Shoes That Fit on a national level—to ensure kids have the support they need to thrive,” says Carl Tims, GEICO’s Vice President of Community Engagement and Chief Diversity Officer.

“An added bonus is having yet another avenue for our associates to give back and volunteer right in the communities where our offices are—GEICO and our associates are committed to giving back.”

New shoes that truly fit make a lasting difference for children whose families are struggling financially. Especially with recent rising costs, families are having an even harder time making ends meet. Athletic shoes tend to be an expensive item, so our partnership with GEICO—and friends like you!—has an immediate and lasting impact. 

Amy Fass, Shoes That Fit CEO and Executive Director, explains: 

Shoes are intrinsically important to kids. Too many low-income families are forced to choose rent and food over shoes, leaving children wearing shoes that hurt, embarrass them, cause them to miss out on physical activities, and sometimes miss school altogether. New shoes make a basic and lasting impact! We are so grateful to GEICO for meeting a basic need and making a lasting impact on the lives of kids across the country by providing 8,000 pairs of shoes!”


Thank you, GEICO, for your generous donation of $240,000 to help children have the shoes they need to be comfortable and confident at school!