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New Lakers player Malik Beasley brought 269 kids in Salt Lake City a surprise for NBA All-Star Weekend – new Nike athletic shoes!

Malik has ties to Salt Lake City, the site of the All-Star Weekend, since he just spent a year playing for the Utah Jazz. And even though he had to rush from a Lakers game and get up at 3 a.m. he made sure to be there for the kids. “I am just happy to be here,” Beasley said. “Florida or Utah – I was going to make it.”

It was a family affair; Malik’s parents and son came along, and his mom, Deena, was instrumental in organizing the day. Deena shared:

“Each child’s foot was measured. Those shoes are not just a pair of shoes, they … make them feel confident, make them feel they can run faster, make them feel a part of the now.’”

The event took place at Parkview Elementary in the Glendale area of Salt Lake City. Malik and his foundation, MB5 Pro Academy, generously sponsored the gift of shoes. Malik created his foundation in 2016 along with his family and Clay Johnson, and its mission is to inspire at-risk youth to believe in their dreams by providing support through sports, education, and the arts.

The students were of course delighted. Some took the chance to get Malik to autograph their new Nikes. One little guy named Sam shared: “I’m his number 1 fan!” And a second grader shared that this is the first pair of new shoes he’s had since first grade.

“Providing shoes for the kids is closely aligned with one of my core values, “love others as you love yourself.” What better way to show love and care, than to give shoes to kids who need them?” – Malik Beasley 

Fox News came to interview Malik – view the full interview here.