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Luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz brought a shoe party to over 500 kids at Lenora P. Miles Elementary School in Atlanta. Each child received a brand-new pair of athletic shoes fitted especially for them. Mercedes-Benz even brought a special guest for the kids: rapper Ludacris!

Ludacris, whose hometown is Atlanta, met with the students and handed out shoes. The kids were thrilled! He also posed for pictures with three students who had perfect attendance all year and the Elected Homecoming Court. The cheer squad performed and all the kids enjoyed dancing as a DJ played some of their favorite hits.

This was part of Mercedes-Benz’s Season to Shine holiday giving program. Employee volunteers came to hand out shoes. And Mercedes-Benz will also help every student at Michael R. Hollis Innovation Academy with new shoes! 

“I care deeply about supporting and serving kids in my hometown of Atlanta and it was an honor to help my friends at Mercedes give back with their Season to Shine event,” said Ludacris. “I know that the new shoes are a small stepping stone to helping these students live out their dreams and realize their greatness. I’m thrilled to be part of that.” 

Atlanta Superintendent, Dr. Lisa Herring, also attended the shoes party and reminded the kids:

“When you get your new shoes, walk in confidence, walk knowing how bright you are, walk remembering how brilliant you are, keep walking towards your future!”

And Lenora Miles Elementary principal, Thalise Perry, shared her appreciation:

“Kicking off the holiday season with a new pair of shoes will give our students the confidence they need to tackle the rest of the school year. We are so grateful to Mercedes for making this happen and bringing holiday cheer to our school.” 

“We are thrilled to partner with Shoes That Fit and to have donated sneakers to students across the country – this is a tangible step to ensure children arrive at school with confidence — prepared to learn, play and succeed,” said Dimitris Psillakis, president and CEO of MBUSA. “We are committed to helping the next generation thrive, and make a lasting contribution to our local communities and beyond.”

We’re so thankful that Mercedes-Benz is investing in children in their community and helping them step into a bright future!

Are you inspired by the employees of Mercedes-Benz? Consider organizing your employer and coworkers to make a difference for kids through Shoes That Fit!

Terence Balagia