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Who: Sam Bregman, a high school student in Chandler, Arizona

What: Giving brand-new, perfectly fitting athletic shoes to over 400 students at San Marcos Elem.!

When: Friday, Nov. 19, 2021. And this is Sam’s second time giving out shoes!

How much: Sam encouraged donations from local residents and businesses and raised over $14,000

What’s in the box: “Inside we have a letter to each student, signed by myself or someone else on the team, we have our new Bombas socks, and then under is the pair of sneakers.” 

The reaction: “The kid's reactions are priceless, the screams of joy, holding up the shoes proudly to their friends and teachers, it just warms your heart.”

Why? “Sneakers are so important because for many families that are in lower socioeconomic circumstances it’s either a choice between sneakers or putting food on the table and food ends up winning every time. Sneakers help families. It helps the kids feel more confident, happy, and attendance goes up as well.

What’s next: Sam mentioned how he wants to start an annual 5k to raise funds for shoes for kids in Phoenix.

Where are these shoes going? One student said: “I got Nikes. I can wear them for running club!