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For the Annigians of Claremont, giving back is a family affair.

Kate and Jason Annigian have two young boys that any parent would be proud of.

Jack is a fourth grader at Condit Elementary School in Claremont. He had a learning project at school and decided that he wanted to do something for Shoes That Fit.

The family has long supported the Village Merchant's Backpack Campaign but Jack wanted to do something special on his own.

His brother Sam is a first grader and also wanted to help.

On Tuesday evening at Union on Yale, a popular restaurant in Claremont, Jack and Sam set up a table and set out on a mission. Armed with a table, some fliers, and cute smiles, they shared with anyone willing to learn about Shoes That Fit. They raised shoes, $400 and more importantly, awareness about Shoes That Fit.

Thanks, Jack and Sam!

The future looks bright with kiddos like you in charge!