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Gregg Popovich may be the Coach and General Manager of the San Antonio Spurs but around Shoes That Fit, he’s most known for being a champion for kids when he’s off the court.

During his twenty-year tenure as head coach of the Spurs, he started a local youth basketball league in San Antonio designed to empower young people and keep them off the streets. It’s a model that’s now been emulated by other coaches and teams in the US.

Shoes That Fit was a recipient of Popovich’s commitment to helping disadvantaged kids when he led a shoe delivery in San Antonio in the fall of 2016. Along with Spurs star Patty Mills, front office staff and the Spurs’ mascot, ‘The Coyote’, Popovich and Shoes That Fit delivered shoes to 200 excited kids at Hirsch Elementary in San Antonio. “Watching them put on their new shoes…” Popovich told My Sun Antonio reporter Melissa Rohlin, “just fun to watch them all laugh and have a good time.”