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The Los Angeles Rams’ near undefeated stretch this season shows what kind of players the team is on the field. In October at Holmes Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles, players were able to demonstrate who they are off the field and in their community.

The Los Angeles Rams, in conjunction with Shoes That Fit and the Los Angeles Police Department, hosted an event for the Play 60 program, designed to encourage kids to be active for at least an hour per day. Each of the 250 children who participated in the event were provided a new pair of athletic shoes, measured for the perfect fit. After lacing up and putting on their new sneakers, students were invited to run, jump, and dance alongside Rams team members, cheerleaders, and mascot, Rampage, as well as community police officers from the LAPD.

“The message that it sends is very big, in bringing that space between the community and the police department, it is a good example that we are giving. It is these types of events that create a good influence in our community.” Jamon Brown, former Rams player

The new shoes are a lasting reminder for the children to get active, and be healthy. But more importantly, interacting one-on-one with LA Rams’ teammates and LAPD officers is a once in a lifetime experience showing that the community is investing in them, and that the community cares—demonstrating that you don’t have to be on the field to score big!


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