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The Webb Schools are located just a stones-throw away from the Shoes That Fit offices in Claremont, CA.

It's a co-ed boarding school where student are encouraged to “think boldly” and “serve with a generous spirit”.

Recently, a student group donated more than 40 pairs of shoes to help kids right in their community. Hear from one of the students on why they took on this initiative:

Our group consists of 12 students (6 girls and 6 boys) and one faculty advisor. We are juniors and seniors who serve as Day Student Prefects for Webb. Our group acts as a bridge between day students and boarding students while also acting as go-to-people for new day students who need anything. We also hold various events throughout the year and our shoe drive is one of them.

We advertised throughout the school for a week, encouraging students to drop off new pairs of shoes or any monetary donations they were willing to give. We stood at the drop-off circle in the morning to encourage parents to bring a pair of shoes and accept any incoming donations, as well as hosted a table at lunch.

At the end of the week, we tallied up everything we got and I dropped it off at Shoes That Fit.

We decided on a shoe drive because we see shoes as such a basic necessity, and it was amazing to us to think that some kids might not have shoes. We are fortunate enough to not have to worry about our shoes too much and we wanted to help make that a reality for kids in the area that don’t have that luxury. Shoes That Fit is a great organization and we look forward to continuing to work with it!