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Employees of Presence Marketing volunteering at a delivery

In December of 2017, Shoes That Fit teamed up with KTLA5 to provide new athletic shoes to students at Le Conte Middle School.

Delivery days of this scale are not possible without the hard work of so many people, from the school to the donor to the volunteers who are on-site handing out the shoes.

Shoes That Fit was lucky to work with several volunteer groups on this specific day, including five representatives from Presence Marketing – a natural foods broker.

Here's one of their perspectives on the day:

Upon entering the school, I felt a flashback of being a kid and walking the hallways and a flood of memories swarmed over me being a young kid again. I went into the main office and got directions and just took in the educational atmosphere. I was excited and anxious to find out where to go and get started helping.

I went into the auditorium where the filming occurred and amidst a lot of confusion and sorting out shoes for students, I checked in, got my visitor sticker and began getting shoes in their right place. Some students who were not to be photographed were receiving their shoes in the gym and the rest would be joining KTLA in the auditorium for the live taping. The kids were released from their condensed scheduled day and began to stream in from various places on the campus and we got them to their perspective seats and ready to begin.

The kids and staff were wonderful and very appreciative of our help and we handed out all the shoes to the kids who were present and they all seemed very happy to be getting a new pair of shoes and excited to wear them. The shoes that fit staff was very friendly and good at what they do and it made me want to participate again in the future. Reminded me how good it feels to help and to help kids, nonetheless.

—Michael Prowell, LA Sales Rep for Presence West