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(Pomona, California—March 27, 2023)

On a Monday in March, Enterprise Rent-A-Car delivered new shoes to 301 children at Barfield Elementary in Pomona, CA.

Kimberly Walker of Enterprise shared their inspiration in giving back:

“Here at Enterprise Rent-A-Car we believe that it’s important to give back to the community we’re present in and it’s really important to give back to the next generation. We want to make sure they feel supported by Enterprise.” 

New shoes from Enterprise!
New shoes with Enterprise!

The shoes arrived at a perfect time to boost the kids’ confidence – just as the children were beginning their standardized testing. 

“We are so excited to be here. We heard you’re starting testing this week — what better way than to have some nice, new shoes! When you look good, you feel good!” – Amber, Enterprise 

The children lined up in the courtyard to each pick up a pair of shoes, measured and ordered just for them. The children were thrilled and shouted out:

“I love my shoes!” 

“I’ll be taller than my brother” 


 “Try them on!” 

“Can I put them on?!” 

“I’ll help you tie them!”

showing off new shoes in Pomona, CA

The principal, Sarah Vasquez, shared her appreciation for the gift of shoes:

“We are very grateful to Shoes That Fit and Enterprise for providing shoes to our students. All our students are from a Title 1 school, so it really is beneficial for them. It gives them the opportunity to wear comfortable shoes on a daily basis so that they are able to play during their recess time, P.E. time, and be very active and fit.” 

Thank you, Enterprise, for investing in children in your community! Your gift of new shoes helps them to be comfortable, active, and grow stronger in body and mind. 

Are you inspired by how Enterprise invested in children in their community? Get in touch to make a difference with your team as well. You can reach us at 909-492-0050 or [email protected].

Two little guys in Pomona get new shoes
Barfield Elementary students show off their new shoes