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(Fresno, California—April 11, 2023)

Dena and Lou McMurray have been helping provide shoes to children in the Fresno area since 2017. This spring, they brought new shoes to 833 kids. They originally heard about Shoes That Fit from Lou’s sister, Ann, who volunteered on the Shoes That Fit board.

Lou and Dena grew up in Fresno, and it’s important to them to give back locally. Dena shared: “We like doing something in our hometown. It’s such a joy to hear from the kids themselves and see the excitement in their faces.” 

On April 11, Dena and Lou were able to meet with the 400 kids of Kirk Elementary. They also helped this school in 2020, but due to covid, were not able to visit. And, even to get the shoes to the kids, the staff of Kirk had to think outside the box and do a socially-distanced “shoe pickup” in the cafeteria, with a few families at a time dropping in.

So it was great for Dena and Lou to be able to come on campus and interact with the kids.

Dena McMurray gives shoes to young girl

And Dena and Lou are also sending shoes to another 433 kids across Fresno at Jefferson Elementary, Lane Elementary, Olmos Elementary, Mayfair Elementary, and West Park Elementary.

Dena and Lou helped pass out the shoes. The kids were thrilled to open the shoeboxes and see their new shoes. Reactions included:

“I like these!”

“We have the same ones!”

“I love them!”

“Thank you!”

“I like these colors.”

“I’m really grateful that I got them.”

“They’re sparkly!”

“It’s a lot of fun to interact with the children and the smiles on their faces. It’s very rewarding. Kids are kids everywhere and they’re a lot of fun to be around.” – Lou

The school principal, Tobias W, shared:

“We want to thank Shoes That Fit and the McMurray family. The shoes were beautiful. Our kids are smiling. They’ll leave today feeling they have value. We are very grateful for the opportunity.”

Thank you, Dena and Lou, for continuing to support children across Fresno! Your support helps these children grow stronger and step into a bright future.

Lou McMurray directs line of students waiting for new shoes
Two boys get new shoes
New shoes are so exciting

Are you inspired by Dena and Lou? To give back in your community, please reach out at [email protected] or call us at 909-482-0050.