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(Inglewood, California—April 12, 2023)

The Los Angeles Rams, HealthNet, and Shoes That Fit partnered together to give 350 kids at Bennet-Kew Elementary in Inglewood a great day of activity and new shoes!

The Rams brought their Play 60 program, an initiative that encourages kids to be active for sixty minutes daily. The activity centers on football drills: tackling, running, dodging, and throwing. The kids enjoyed testing out and practicing their skills, as well as interacting with the Rams mascot Rampage.

Football drills

Bennet-Kew Elementary is just two miles from Sofi Stadium, where the Rams play.

HealthNet joined the partnership, bringing health information and screenings in their medical trailer right to the kids.

Bennet-Kew’s principal, Sarah Appleton, shared:

“We are so excited to have the Rams and Shoes That Fit out here today. I haven’t seen the kids this happy all year. This was a great day. Every single kiddo out here means so much to us. Our families certainly face challenges. We are super grateful to the Rams and Shoes That Fit for bringing this awesome opportunity to the kiddos.”

Debra Moton explained to the kids: “Each and every one of you are going to get a new pair of athletic shoes!” to which the kids replied “YES!”

As one little girl opened her shoebox, she yelled out: “Me and her have matching shoes!”

“Today is such an important day because what is the root of the future, it’s the children, it’s the kids of today. Making sure they’re healthy. Today we offered over 300 pairs of shoes. It’s going to make such a difference, such an impact. Some of these kids are wearing their brand new shoes now on the field, doing football drills, dancing, playing around. It’s awesome to just see them be kids. It’s so important that they be active and healthy so they can lead the world tomorrow.” – Rams cheerleader

Richard Martinez, retired Superintendent for Pomona School District and advisory board member for Shoes That Fit, shared his feelings on seeing the kids receive their shoes:

“I really want to thank Shoes That Fit, our partners, our friends, those who have given to the kids. This is a perfect example of why I give, why I support this organization. If you aren’t supporting, I’d love you to consider doing that for the children.”

Thank you, Rams and HealthNet, for making a fantastic day for the kids! You are helping them grow stronger!

Are you inspired by the Rams? To give back in your community, please reach out at [email protected] or call us at 909-482-0050.

Two little girls with their new sneakers