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November 27 – Seattle, WA

153 kids at Rising Star Elementary in Seattle got new shoes this week, thanks to a fundraising campaign started by Dan Dressel and local company, Gamesight.

Gamesight is a marketing platform for video game publishers. Adam Lieb, the CEO, was first introduced to Shoes That Fit by Dan Dressel, his VP of Brand Partnership, and a longtime supporter of Shoes That Fit.

As the kids opened their shoeboxes and tried on their new kicks, one kid said, “This is one of the happiest days ever!”

The teachers and staff told us what a difference shoes make for their community. A family of 10 all received new shoes, which was a huge help!

Thank you, Gamesight (especially Adam, Camille, Emilee, and Jess) for bringing new shoes to the children of Rising Star!

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New shoes thanks to Gamesight!