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When Michelle Jimenez was in junior high, kids at school made fun of her for her old sneakers. It was a humiliating and painful moment. “It stuck with me. And when I was a little older and had a job and could afford a new pair of shoes, it felt so GOOD!” 

Now as an adult, Michelle makes sure her daughters and husband always have nice clothes and shoes. “They don’t have to be name-brand, but nice and well-taken care of. I want my family to feel comfortable and confident.”

Michelle has volunteered at several different nonprofits, but as a busy mom and supervisor of a team, she was looking for a less time-intensive way to give back in this season of her life.

Michelle’s employer, WebPT, gave her access to Millie, a volunteering and philanthropy app. Looking through it one day, she saw Shoes That Fit and thought, “Oh my gosh! I didn’t know this was out there!” Michelle lives about 20 miles from Shoes That Fit, but she hadn’t heard about it until finding it on Millie.

Shoes That Fit’s mission resonated with Michelle’s  personal experience, and she found it was easy to get started. She got in touch, and provided new shoes for 33 kids in Fontana. She’s also  helping children at her daughter’s school.

“All of us have our different passions – mine is kids, helping with the bare necessities.”

Thank you, Michelle, for caring for kids who’ve been in your shoes, who’ve experienced bullying because their shoes are old or torn. And, for giving them new shoes that help them step forward with confidence!

Are you inspired by Michelle’s story? Learn how easy it is to get started crowdfunding and make a difference in a child’s life. Email [email protected] for more information.