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Listerhill Credit Union in Alabama is all about “People Helping People”. As a nonprofit, member-owned, financial co-op, they’ve grown over the past 60 plus years to include 93,000 members across northwest Alabama and south central Tennessee. They are focused on everyday banking, and helping hard-working people make their money work hard for them. And along the way, they love giving back in their communities.

Their commitment to the people in their communities includes: scholarships for local kids, sponsoring employee volunteer hours for local charities, and sharing their expertise through financial wellness programs in schools.

This January, Listerhill shaped their philosophy of “people helping people” to a real, tangible gift: new shoes for kids. Listerhill started “Kicks for Kids” by partnering with Shoes That Fit. They gave brand-new athletic shoes to 400 students at Leighton Elementary: shoes that will allow the kids to be more comfortable in the classroom, more active on the playground, and more confident in their appearance.

Listerhill not only brought shoes, they brought a celebration! The kids were thrilled with confetti, music, a fun atmosphere, and had a blast trying out dance moves in their new kicks!

Nekeda Newell-Hall of Shoes That Fit described the kids’ reactions to receiving new shoes: “Their self-esteem goes through the roof. Now they can fit in with their peers. They are able to participate and be more active on the playground.”

Superintendent Gale Satchel spoke about how Listerhill selected a school to help: “Listerhill contacted me; they had done their homework and they identified the school that had the highest free and reduced lunch rate which was Leighton Elementary School and they asked if we were interested in partnering with them and of course we said yes. It's an awesome opportunity for us for our boys and girls to get new shoes.”

Brad Green, President and CEO of Listerhill, shared “It’s so exciting to see so many smiles on kids’ faces and their excitement, their energy. We wanted to find a way to make a tremendous impact in our community.”

Thanks, Listerhill, for making an impact through shoes! We love how your people helped the little people of Leighton Elementary!