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Youth to the People is a vegan skincare brand sold worldwide with headquarters and a bright red new pop-up store in Downtown LA’s’ trendy Arts District. They use the power of superfoods in their beauty products, with ingredients like kale, kombucha, prickly pear, acai, and spinach (maybe Popeye was on to something!). 

But their roots are a bit more humble. Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes now run the company first started by their grandmother, Eva, and carried on by their aunt Lori and Greg’s mom Lisa. Mentorship and roots are a vital part of their mission and culture.

Giving back locally is important to Greg and Joe. When they heard about Shoes That Fit, they knew this is how they wanted to help local kids. 

Across the LA River, only a mile and half away, Second Street Elementary School serves East LA kids (and has been since 1895). The school was a perfect match for Youth to the People, right in their backyard. 

Greg and Joe knew they wanted to help this school, but they wanted to get their customers involved also. In their new pop-up store, they gave each customer a token, and customers could choose between Shoes That Fit and another great local charity (a win win!). It was a great way to raise awareness and make customers feel included.

Unfortunately, Youth to the People was unable to come deliver the shoes in person. But they enjoyed seeing pictures of the kids’ smiles as they tried on their new kicks! Kids jumped up and down with excitement, showed off their new sneakers to friends, and drew thank you cards for this neighborhood company that cares.

Thank you, Youth to the People, for helping kids in your neighborhood get the shoes they need to just be kids!