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Usually, in order for a rental car company to help you, you need to have a driver’s license. You need to know how to drive. You might even need to be 25 years old. But Enterprise recently helped 300 people, none of whom have even sat behind the wheel.

So how did they help? The Enterprise team brought new shoes to 300 students from Pre-K through 6th grade. The gift was part of Enterprise’s hands-on community efforts right in their backyard.

On a sunny March morning, Enterprise executives and employees gathered at Lytle Creek Elementary School in San Bernardino, California. They helped unpack box upon box of new sneakers, ready to be worn and played in.

The rental car company’s regional manager Tracy Simmons welcomed the kids and got them to do their school cheer: a roar for the Lytle Creek Lions!

The kids sat on folding chairs, waiting their turn to get new shoes and hardly able to stand still in the meantime!

Enterprise employees called up the children row by row and handed each child a pair of shoes measured just for them. Other Enterprise team members helped the kids loosen up the laces, try on their new shoes, and make sure they fit. They even gave lessons to the little ones on how to tie a perfect knot! The kids oooohed and aaaahed over the fun colors and designs of their new shoes. A few even got up to see how their shoes felt by showing off their awesome dance moves. And the students were so thrilled that they could wear their new shoes right then.

Thank you, Enterprise, for your ongoing commitment to helping kids in the communities you serve! These kids can’t drive cars yet, but you are definitely helping them go places!