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On February 8th, all 500 students at John Ireland Elementary in Dallas Texas got new athletic shoes and socks. 

The person behind this gift? Ashley Bosse Lubetkin. Born and raised in Dallas, Ashley now lives in New York but she still has strong ties to her hometown. Ashley made this gift possible by rallying her friends, family, and colleagues from both New York and Dallas to join her and her company, Bosse Lending, to raise over $12,000 to help kids receive brand new shoes.

The students came into the auditorium full of energy, excited to try on their new shoes. Ashley and her family were there to help distribute the shoes, giving out shoes, socks, high fives and lots of smiles. The children were overjoyed, getting a first glimpse of their new shoes. They even got some extra excitement with some confetti. “I wanted these for so long!” exclaimed one student.

Principal Stephanie Amaya shared that a majority of John Ireland Elementary’s families are on the free or reduced lunch program. This new pair of shoes will truly inspire the kids to do better in school and shows them that their community truly cares about them and loves them. 

Thank you, Bosse Lending, Ashley, and friends! We love how you came together to help kids!