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Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center serves its Southern California community as a hospital, of course. But the employees at Kaiser find many ways to give back. This January, they brought comfort and confidence for kids at Cortada Elementary in nearby El Monte. How? In the form of new shoes!

Each of the children in TK through 3rd grade got a new pair of athletic shoes. Weeks before, the teachers measured the kids’ feet and shared the sizes with Kaiser. Then, Kaiser employees went out to shop! They know that new shoes mean so much to kids. They allow kids to go to school, play, run, skip, jump, and most of all, just be kids and not worry about their circumstances.

Finally the day came for the kids to get their new shoes! El Monte School District Superintendent Mirabel Garcia was in attendance. She explained to the kids how new shoes would allow them to exercise more. And more exercise means a healthier brain, which leads to kids learning more! 

The kids lined up excitedly for their new, colorful, comfortable sneakers. Kaiser volunteers helped match up each child to their pair of shoes, then helped them try them on and make sure they fit. The students were thrilled to show off their new sneakers! The boost to their confidence was palpable. 

Eugene Cho, Sr. Vice President of the Kaiser Baldwin Park Medical Center, spoke a few words of encouragement to the students at Cortada. He asked how many wanted to be doctors or nurses when they grew up. Many hands went up, but one little guy piped up that he wanted to be a robotics engineer. Eugene Cho shared that Kaiser is giving shoes so that children will feel confident and empowered to go after their dreams – whether that be as a doctor, nurse, teacher, or robotic engineer!

Thank you Kaiser for giving new shoes! The joy and confidence they gave were just what the doctor ordered!

Sr. VP Eugene Cho gives shoes to kids

Kaiser delivers shoes


All smiles with new shoes