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Lou and Dena McMurray gave shoes to all 434 students at Kirk Elementary School in Fresno. They have been longtime supporters of Shoes That Fit, and have specifically sponsored kids in Fresno since 2017. They were looking forward to visiting the school and seeing the kids’ excitement when they opened their shoeboxes.

But March came and the world turned upside down due to COVID-19. To keep everyone safe and healthy, the shoe-giving event had to be cancelled. The kids of Kirk Elementary began distance-learning from home, doing math, science, reading etc. at the kitchen table and connecting with teachers via Zoom.

But thanks to the creativity of Kirk Elementary’s principal and staff, the kids still got their shoes!

Principal Denise Romero, Kirk teachers and staff managed a socially-distanced shoe pickup. Wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart, the staff unloaded and arranged the shoes in the gym, labeling boxes for each individual child.

Kids and parents came by to pick up the shoes over the course of two days, making sure that the gym was never crowded. Moms and dads were so thankful to receive this gift during a time when many were facing unexpected financial stress.

Thank you, Principal Romero and Kirk teachers and staff! While you had so much on your plate with changing over to distance learning, you went above and beyond to help your students.

In addition to Kirk Elementary, Dena and Lou donated 380 shoes to students at 10 different Fresno schools. Dena and Lou shared: “With the ongoing public health crisis, basic needs, like a well-fitting pair of shoes, are more important than ever. We are honored by the opportunity to continue serving children throughout Fresno by providing them with new shoes, measured for the perfect fit, so that when life begins to return to normal they can learn, play and thrive alongside their classmates!”

Principal Romero shared that the socially-distanced shoe pickup “was so uplifting and put smiles and tears of joy on our students' faces.”