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Dear Friends,

It’s an uncertain time. In a way, there is no guidebook. Sure, there was the Spanish Influenza in 1918, but that was a different time, a different illness. Things have changed quite a bit economically, socially, medically, since 1918. They didn’t have Zoom or Tiger King back then. Women didn’t yet have the right to vote. Our time now is unique; it has its own blessings and challenges.

But in another way, we always have our guidebook. Kindness, empathy, compassion, a realistic optimism…. these are always timely. So let’s continue. Continue offering empathy to our family and friends. Continue listening to those who need an ear to listen to their troubles. Continue giving encouragement to our kids, spouse, friends. Continue counting our blessings. 

Keep on truckin’!

Amy Fass
Shoes That Fit
CEO and Executive Director