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On November 22nd, all the students at Lincoln Elementary in Green Bay, Wisconsin got new shoes for school. The new kicks were courtesy of Breakthrough, a fuel management company that helps shipping corporations become more efficient. With headquarters right in the heart of Green Bay, Breakthrough was eager to help kids at nearby Lincoln Elementary.

Breakthrough’s values include innovation, and a tailored approach to each client. It makes sense that Breakthrough joined with Shoes That Fit, where we are all about personalized fit and comfort.  The Breakthrough team is also active and engaged in their community: volunteering, organizing charity runs and other community-service events for all the employees of Breakthrough.

It was no surprise that several Breakthrough employees insisted on personally distributing the shoes to all of the students. They helped find the correct size and helped the youngest kids tie their laces. Kids hopped around in their new shoes and couldn't help but dance their way through the hallways. One little girl had a sweater with the word LOVE on the front. It was perfect as she truly loved her new shoes!

Breakthrough will also be gifting shoes to Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin, a human services agency that offers programs from counseling to job skills. The new shoes these kids will receive will help them stay on their feet, ready to take on the world!

The kids painted an oversized thank you card for Breakthrough: “Scraping Knees. Tying Shoes. We like to Thank YOU!”


Loving the new shoes


Matching Shoes!