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All the students at Swift Elementary in Bon Secour, Alabama got new shoes and socks on November 20, 2019. The town’s name means “good help” or “safe harbor” and we think the name fits perfectly with the motivation behind the gift.

This shoe donation was part of a larger movement by Baldwin Realtors Association to invest in the community where they live, work, and help people buy homes and put down roots. They are helping 600 kids from 25 schools across the county get quality shoes for school.

The kids of Swift Elementary lined up in the gym and welcomed the guests with a rousing “good morning!”

Principal Sandra Thorpe, who attended Swift herself as a child, and has taught there ever since her days as a teacher’s aide, welcomed the kids and let them know that the holidays had come early this year!

Superintendent Eddie Tyler joked with the kids he must not have been too good that year because Santa hadn’t brought him any shoes. Eddie has worked in many roles in Alabama education, including: teacher, assistant coach, athletic director, head football, baseball, soccer, tennis and track coach. He was thrilled to see the kids get the shoes they need to be active on the playground. He shared: “If you can watch this without being touched, you don’t have a heart.”

The realtors helped the kids try on their new kicks, making sure they fit properly. The kids all tried out jumping in their new shoes and were so excited that it took some time to settle them down again.

Baldwin County Realtors’ CEO, Sheila Dodson remarked on the kids’ reactions, “To see their joy and to see their self-esteem built is just marvelous!”

Fox 10 News and several other media outlets were on hand to share the heart-warming story. To see news coverage, please click links below: