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On November 14th, students at Noyes Elementary in Washington DC each received a new pair of athletic shoes thanks to Shoes That Fit Board Member Tai Collins.

The gift was in honor of Marion Goldin, a pioneering producer for 60 Minutes. Her career started in the 1960s and over the years she covered national stories such as Watergate and earned four Emmys. Even after retirement, Marion stayed active in political and reporting circles in Washington, D.C. Marion passed away in 2017.

Tai Collins, writer for Baywatch and now Executive Director of A Chance for Children Foundation, sponsored the gift in honor of her long-time friend, Marion. Tai’s mission with her foundation is to empower at-risk youth. Shoes That Fit was thrilled to welcome Tai is a board member earlier this year.  

Tai decided a perfect tribute this pioneering woman would be to help kids in the city Marion lived and worked in for so long. Noyes Elementary is a few miles northeast of the Capitol, and it’s where Tai decided to give shoes.

Noyes was named by President Obama as a member of the Turn Around Arts program. Teachers use art concepts to help kids better understand math, reading, and science. Kids can choose between many arts themed clubs from drum ensemble to theater and from robotics to dance.

The kids trooped into the auditorium for a special “new shoe” assembly. As Tai and the volunteers handed out the shoes, kids began to try them on and the excitement rose. The kids were thrilled with their new kicks and could not wait to show them to their friends and family.

A few days afterwards, Noyes staff member Frances Evangelista shared: “Many happy children are trotting around school proud of their new shoes, and many a grateful parent has stopped to offer a “Thanks for making this happen. It means a lot.””

Thank you, Tai, for making this gift in honor of a very special woman!