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For the second year in a row, Sarah Adams made t-shirts to help kids in Baltimore get shoes.

Sarah owns a company named Wire & Honey that sells t-shirts with inspiring, spunky slogans for social causes. She describes it as “rad threads with a message”.

The name is specifically inspired by Baltimore – a combination of HBO’s The Wire and Café Hon, a longtime city favorite with a distinctive flamingo over the door.

Wire & Honey supports many different charities and causes, but Sarah loves sneakers, and had an early obsession with Air Force Ones.

And she and her husband Steve have a special relationship with Govans Elementary since they live in the neighborhood. They’ve supported the school in various ways over the years and this is their second year helping with shoes from the proceeds of a special “Shoes That Fit” t-shirt.

For this year’s t-shirt design, Sarah was inspired by Portugal. The Man’s song “I’m a Rebel Just for Kicks.” The message is inscribed around a classic high top sneaker, tying in with the shoe theme.

Sarah and Steve personally handed out the shoes to 184 students at Govans Elementary. New shoes help them be comfortable and confident at school. One little girl held her hand over her mouth, she was so excited and speechless about her new kicks.

Steve encouraged the kids to develop their talents and interests. He told them the world needs their special gifts and passions. Sarah and Steve are already planning for next year, and we hope their example inspires more gifts of shoes in Baltimore.

Thanks, Sarah, Steve, and Wire & Honey for believing in and helping these kids!




Shoes all lined up


Rebel Just for Kicks

The t-shirt Sarah designed for Shoes That Fit. We love it!