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Every student at Strobridge Elementary in Hayward, California got new shoes on a sunny day in late October. The East Bay city is where the San Mateo Bridge crosses the San Francisco Bay. Bridge Investment Group, a property management firm based in Salt Lake City, has a presence on each side. They manage apartments in Hayward and have offices in San Mateo. Bridge provided the shoes as part of their community investment, which already includes outreach to the homeless and community building events. This spring, Bridge brought shoes to a school in New York and two schools in Utah. They were happy to also help kids in one of their west coast markets.

The team from Bridge came out bright and early to hand shoes out to the excited students. Hayward School District Superintendent, Matt Wayne, was able to join when the kindergarten kids were trying on their shoes. Three little girls got identical sneakers and were thrilled to be “matchers!” 

The Bay Area is full of opportunity for families, but the cost of living is high. For families working to meet their bills, keeping up with kids growing feet can be too much. Thank you to Bridge for investing in kids and families in Hayward, so that kids can go to school ready to learn, play, and thrive!