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It is always about more than just shoes.

One hundred students at P.S. 28 Mt. Hope in the Bronx, NY received new shoes on behalf of Shoes That Fit today, and in turn, sponsor Bosse Companies got some pretty big smiles!

“The straightforward but incredibly powerful mission of Shoes That Fit, to provide new, comfortable athletic shoes to children in need, is one that instantly resonated with me,” says Bosse Principal, Ashley Bosse Lubetkin. “I have rarely come across a charitable organization with the ability to have such a profound, immediate impact on huge numbers of children. After all, how can we expect students to reach their ultimate potential when something as basic as a pair of shoes may be the cause of physical pain, distraction, or bullying? It is my hope that each child who receives a new pair of sneakers runs faster on the playground, works harder in the classroom, and stands up a bit taller. I believe that the work done by Shoes That Fit can catalyze a virtuous cycle of increased confidence and happiness in every child that it reaches.”

Bosse did just that – they inspired confidence and happiness. When the children were given boxes of brand new sneakers, they lit up with joy. They hugged the boxes. They connected directly with the donor and had a chance to thank them for this special gift. 

“The simple gift of a pair of shoes can increase a child's confidence, attendance and performance at school, and we are so thankful for partners like Bosse for taking the time to make such a positive impact on these kids,” said Shoes That Fit Executive Director Amy Fass.