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Each of the almost 500 students at Cogswell Elementary in South El Monte, CA, got a fun surprise on September 26th. A brand new pair of shoes! Nordstrom, KTLA, and Angelenos all helped make it possible. KTLA 5 spread the news to LA and Nordstrom matched gifts dollar for dollar, all working together to bring about a great day for the kids!

Nordstrom employees also brought some extra surprises with them. The Nordy’s team gave each kid a colorful pair of socks, extra shoelaces, and a bear cub charm for the Cogswell Cubs! Nordstrom even made a fun sneaker-themed photobooth!

Nordstrom’s Chief of Marketing, Scott Meden, shared how happy Nordstrom was to be there. He pointed out that Nordstrom started out as a shoe store over 100 years ago, and so giving shoes and making sure they fit is natural to them.

KTLA’s Jennifer McGraw interviewed kids, who shared that they were “Very, very excited!” One little guy said: “They feel like I’m gonna jump so high!” And a few kids got teary-eyed about their new sneakers.

Thank you KTLA and Nordstrom for bringing shoes to the Cogswell Cubs!

Click here to see the video!