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Linea Lighting helped out 800 kids in Chicago this month. That included the entire student body of Dewey School of Excellence.

Linea Lighting is well acquainted with giving back. The company donates a portion of every sale of their lighting fixtures to help impoverished communities around Chicago.

The Linea team came to hand out shoes, high fives, and encouragement to kids. As CEO Bob Kapadia gave kids their shoe box and their first glimpse of new shoes, the kids reacted with smiles, wide eyes, big wows, jumping up and down, and waving their new shoes in the air to show to their friends.

Kids broke out into spontaneous dance parties after receiving their shoes, eager to show off their new kicks with some fancy footwork.

The stairs at Dewey have a message for the students for each step: “You are strong. You are awesome. You are valuable. We believe in you.” Thank you, Linea, for sharing the same message, all with the gift of shoes.