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On Feb. 14, 2019, the Mothers of Professional Basketball Players came to Turning Point Academy in Charlotte, NC and showed their love by giving over 150 pairs of shoes to kids. The MPBP includes moms of NBA, WNBA, G League, overseas, and retired players. These women have banded together to give back in the areas where their sons and daughters live, work, and play. The problem of kids growing out of their athletic shoes is very familiar to these moms!

Moms present that day included: Camilla (mom of Theo Ratliff), Janet (Quinn Cook), Louise (Jarrett Jack), Elaine (Wayne Ellington), Janice (Lou Williams), Regina (John Faison), Norma (Greg Monroe), Yalonda (Jaylen Adams), Debra (Hollis Thompson), and Gina (Damian Lillard).

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was in town for the All Star Game and joked with the kids about calling a draft then and there. Anthony Morrow, who grew up in Charlotte, was there to cheer on middle school and high school students from his hometown. Charlotte is the proud home of many sports stars past and present (Steph Curry, Bobby Jones, Corey Seager, among many others). It was a special moment to have the moms of athletes encourage and empower kids who could be our future sports stars, doctors, business leaders, artists, inventors, and more.